New CEIR Report: Analyzing the Impact of Automatic Voter Registration in Georgia

June 2023 1 min read by The CEIR Team

AVR report summary

Analyzing the Impact of Automatic Voter Registration in Georgia

The Center for Election Innovation & Research (CEIR) has released a new report, showing that the voter registration rate in Georgia increased from 78 percent to 98 percent in the first four years of automatic voter registration (AVR) implementation.

The report also found that 97% of all Georgians have both a driver’s license and Social Security number associated with their voter registration record, boosting the accuracy of the voter rolls.

“Georgia shows us that states can approach election issues in a way that both increases access to the vote and the integrity of the process,” said David Becker, Executive Director of CEIR. “While other states have made great strides in implementing automatic voter registration in their own way, Georgia is notable for its bipartisan approach, which can be a model for others to follow.”

“Georgia has been particularly successful in integrating its motor vehicles and voter databases, so that when anyone updates their driver’s license information, their voter record is also automatically updated,” Becker continued. And by ensuring that nearly all voter records have a driver’s license number, the state has also made verifying mail ballots more secure and easier to verify for both voters and election officials.”

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