About CEIR

The Center for Election Innovation & Research (CEIR) is a nonprofit whose core mission is to work with election officials and build confidence in elections that voters should trust and do trust. CEIR has a proven record of working with election officials from around the country and both sides of the aisle. Our team has spent decades building trust with key stakeholders in the field and is committed to a fiercely nonpartisan approach.

In 2016, David Becker founded CEIR in response to the historic decline in voter turnout and the impending threat of foreign interference that seeks to further divide our nation and depress citizen engagement.

David Becker, the director and founder of The Center For Election Innovation and Research, says there are a lot of “highly partisan efforts to make it harder for some people to vote.”

Our Work

CEIR’s two specific goals are to restore trust in the American election system and promote election procedures that encourage greater voter participation while ensuring election integrity and security. CEIR has worked with Democrats and Republicans to move states to paper ballots, audit those ballots, and improve overall cybersecurity of election systems, with the aim of renewing voters’ faith in our system. We have also managed difficult media narratives, ensuring voters could vote easily and conveniently, countering unsubstantiated voter fraud claims, and setting the record straight when it comes to foreign interference in our elections. In pursuing our mission, CEIR’s efforts focus on the following key program areas:

Informing the Public

Consistently telling the truth is a powerful way to counteract the malicious narratives fueling election denialism and antidemocratic sentiment nationwide. CEIR works with election officials, advocates, and other experts of both parties, as well as the media and civil society leaders, to inform public discourse.

Supporting Election Officials

Election officials in the U.S. are under unprecedented attack for doing their jobs. CEIR’s project the Election Official Legal Defense Network (EOLDN) matches licensed, qualified, pro bono attorneys with election administrators who need advice or assistance. Election officials can also request professional communications support. These services are available regardless of the election official’s political affiliation, or whether they work in a blue or red state or county.

Driving Practical Election Research

CEIR provides analysis and insight on the state of elections and the electorate, as well as best practices for election administration, integrity, and accessibility.