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CEIR is an innovative nonprofit with a proven track record of working with election experts from around the country and from both sides of the aisle. We seek to build voter trust and confidence, increase voter participation, and improve the efficiency of election administration.

Our Expertise

CEIR has the expertise to develop the forward-looking solutions needed for tomorrow’s elections and today’s voters.


Upgrading Voter Registration

Improving VR systems with ERIC, OVR, and Automatic Motor Voter


Election Security & Integrity

Securing election systems and promoting integrity while ensuring voter access


Turnout & Civic Engagement

Partnering with government to improve baseline turnout over time


Researching Solutions

Building the knowledge base needed to improve VR, election security, and voter turnout

Our Blog

The latest in original election-related content

Vote by Mail in Denver’s Primary:
When Ballots Were Returned & Why Some Were Rejected

Denver recently held its 2018 primary election, and the Elections Division has provided helpful data on the trends of mail-in ballots. Starting with around 380,000 ballots issued on June 8th, Denver has accepted 143,725 ballots that voters have submitted in the election period ending June 26th. Even though voters had the option to vote in…

Election Cybersecurity Improvements in Action
Colorado’s Primary Day

This past Tuesday, I was privileged to be invited to visit with election officials from the State of Colorado and Denver County during their primary election day. It was a great opportunity to watch professionals in their environment and see how their work isn’t static–they are constantly seeking improvements in security and efficiency. As many…

The Supreme Court’s Voter List Maintenance Decision, In Context

Today, by a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court held that Ohio’s supplemental voter list maintenance process is legal under the terms of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA). Ohio’s process was initiated in the mid-90s and has continued consistently under both Republican and Democratic Secretaries for two decades. In a nutshell, here’s how…

When Voting, Most of Us Leave a Paper Trail

The threat of foreign interference in our elections is real, and we and other experts agree that paper ballots accompanied by robust audits are an important defense against any tampering with our elections. Despite hysteria from some commentators, however, there is good news on this front. According to a recent GAO report, nearly four out…

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