Kyle Yoder

Kyle Yoder is a creative, effective, and people-focused team leader who joined CEIR in January 2022. An organizer-turned-policy researcher, Kyle has spent his career working alongside state and local officials, nonprofit institutions, and grassroots communities to advance evidence-based policy and people-centered practices. His research interests focus on using mixed methods to holistically analyze policies that improve administrative efficiency, preserve election integrity, and expand voter access.

Prior to joining CEIR, Kyle worked with various state and local organizations across the country to create impact in several policy areas, including electoral access, affordable housing, and economic development. Specific projects include working with a grassroots voting rights organization to develop policy priorities and strategies to increase voter access and participation, analyzing mail intake processes and procedures to identify opportunities for greater efficiencies in a state government agency, and publishing a research-based toolkit for nonprofit leaders working to advance equity and inclusion in their organizational decision-making. Before making the jump to public policy, Kyle worked as an educator and theater artist based in New York City.

Kyle holds a Master in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School and a Bachelor’s in cognitive science and behavioral economics from Yale. Outside of the office, he enjoys telling stories, taking his dog hiking, and playing overly complicated board games. He strives every day to honor his sister’s memory.