Newsletter: No Time to Fail, 2024, AVR and more

September 2023 1 min read by The CEIR Team

A Note from Executive Director David Becker

Earlier this month, I was invited by the Supervisors of Elections in three large counties in South Florida – Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade – to attend and speak at a screening of the film “No Time to Fail,” documenting the incredible work of election officials – in this case in Rhode Island – to ensure the 2020 election would be accessible and secure, despite record turnout and a global pandemic. The film was outstanding – it brought up emotions and even some anxiety, as it puts the viewer back in the period of time of the fall of 2020, when we were not only very concerned about the direction of our country, but also worried about the health of families and friends, at a time before vaccinations. I had an opportunity to speak to the hundreds of public servants in South Florida and thank them – for their dedication, their selflessness, and their resilience in the face of disinformation and harassment over the past three years. This is why CEIR does the work it does – for the voters, and for those dedicated public servants that work every day to give those voters a voice.

David Becker
Executive Director

Data Dive: Automatic Voter Registration in Georgia

Prepared by CEIR’s research team, this Data Dive highlights some of the key findings from our recently published report “Analyzing the Impacts of Automatic Voter Registration in Georgia,” including the effects of Automatic Voter Registration on Department of Driver Services registration transactions.

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Where U.S. election safety stands ahead of 2024

How safe are U.S. election institutions ahead of 2024? David Becker sits down with CBS correspondent Scott MacFarlane to assess election integrity and confidence heading into 2024.

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