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Election Officials & the Misuse of Public Records Requests

June 27, 2024

9 min read

Research by: Kyle Yoder & April Tan Overview This brief describes recent efforts by states to provide relief and protection to election officials who are […]

The Expansion of Voting Before Election Day, 2000–2024

March 19, 2024

9 min read

Watch the Webinar: NPR Correspondent Miles Parks joined CEIR’s Executive Director David Becker and Research Director Chris Mann to discuss the key points and takeaways […]

Data Dive: Pre-Processing Mail Ballots

December 11, 2023

6 min read

Research by: April Tan, Kyle Upchurch, & Kyle Yoder Following the 2020 presidential election, the vote counting process lasted days before races could be called […]

Voting Before Election Day

October 18, 2022

4 min read

The Availability of Early In-Person and Mail Voting in the 2022 General Election Early in-person and mail voting are integral components of keeping our elections […]

New Voter Registrations in 2020

August 26, 2020

3 min read

In recent months, several states have experienced a remarkable decline in their new voter registration numbers. This trend is especially notable when compared with new […]

Survey of Voter Beliefs about Election Integrity Post-Election 2022

January 11, 2023

6 min read

In 2021, The Center for Election Innovation & Research (CEIR) partnered with Echelon Insights to better understand voter confidence and perceptions of election integrity in […]

Newsletter: Election Administration in 2024, Unsung Heroes of Democracy & More

May 02, 2024

1 min read

Webinar | Administering Elections in 2024: Lessons from Pennsylvania The Center for Election Innovation & Research (CEIR) and the Committee of Seventy team up for […]

‘Engaged’ Supreme Court hears Trump ballot exclusion arguments

February 08, 2024

1 min read

The US Supreme Court heard arguments in Trump v. Anderson, a case to decide whether Donald Trump should be disqualified from the 2024 presidential ballot in Colorado.

Webinar: The State of Democracy in the U.S. and Around the World with The Carter Center

July 20, 2023

1 min read

David Becker, CEIR Executive Director, and Paige Alexander, CEO of The Carter Center, discussed the current state of American democracy and concerns about the 2024 […]

Confidence in Georgia’s 2020-21 Elections

February 09, 2021

2 min read

The Center for Election Innovation & Research recently surveyed Georgia voters to better understand their confidence in the state’s electoral system and processes. This polling […]