About the Data: Views on Election Integrity in 2020-22

November 2021 1 min read

Our analysis focuses primarily on Republicans (GOP) and Trump voters. Republicans are respondents who self-identified as strong or not very strong Republicans.[1] To better capture the full breadth of the attitudes of right-leaning voters about election integrity in 2020 and 2022, we also include non-GOP-identified voters who voted for former president Donald Trump. These two groups (GOP and Trump voters) comprise the main set throughout our analysis.

When helpful, we include contextual rates for self-identified Democrats and independents. To accurately present the beliefs of these groups, we do not exclude voters based on their 2020 presidential vote. Thus, Democrats and independents in our analysis include a small number of Trump and third-party candidate voters, in addition to Biden voters. When discussed, Democrats and independents should not be taken to exclude Trump voters.

Additionally, the poll included oversamples of 150 registered voters in three 2020 battleground states (AZ, GA, and PA) and one state conducting a competitive off-year gubernatorial election (VA).


For GOP and Trump voter totals, including a breakdown by oversampled states: Download the GOP Universe Crosstabs

For Democrat and independent totals: Download the Overall Universe Crosstabs

[1] When asked, “Regardless of how you typically vote, would you say you consider yourself a… Strong Republican, Not very strong Republican, Independent, Not very strong Democrat, Strong Democrat, A member of another party, Unsure?”

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