Know Your Election

October 2022 1 min read

CEIR’s Know Your Election Series is designed to help inform voters in states with competitive elections that may be especially vulnerable to mis-, dis-, and malinformation (MDM) about the electoral process. The guides below provide links to official and trusted resources, helping to ensure that voters know their options for participating in the 2022 midterm elections.

In 2022, voters in most states will have several options for registering to vote and casting their ballot. While changes to election law have dominated national news for much of the last two years, most voters will find that their options have largely stayed the same since the 2020 election. Still, amid the noise of MDM, voters may have questions about deadlines for registering to vote and voting, and where to access trusted information about the election.Toward that end, the Know Your Election guides direct voters exclusively to official state and federal resources for key election dates and related information. Ultimately, we hope that these guides provide a reliable resource for voters and help to guard against the effects of election MDM.

For questions about these guides, please contact us at [email protected].

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