About the Data: Beliefs about Election Integrity Post-Election 2022

January 2023 1 min read

Our analysis focuses primarily on Republican (GOP) voters. Republicans are respondents who self-identified as strong or not very strong Republicans.[1] To best capture Republican views, we examine how Republicans who did not vote for former President Trump in 2020 compare with the Republican electorate as a whole, as well as how they compare with self-identified Democrats and independents.

The poll included oversamples of registered voters in six states of interest: AZ (157), FL (159), GA (152), MI (158), NV (154), and PA (160).  It also included an oversample of Republicans (304).


For overall totals and oversampled state totals: Download the General Crosstabs

For oversampled Republican totals and totals for Republicans who did not vote for Trump: Download the GOP Universe Crosstabs

[1] When asked, “Regardless of how you typically vote, would you say you consider yourself a… Strong Republican, Not very strong Republican, Independent, Not very strong Democrat, Strong Democrat, A member of another party, Unsure?”

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