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Happy Independence Day

This year, we are celebrating the incredible dedication of election officials and poll workers who have worked to facilitate American democracy. 

Nearly 160 million votes were cast in 2020, over 20 million more than in any previous election, in the midst of a global pandemic. Election officials and voters ensured that the 2020 election was the most secure, transparent, and verified election in American history, with more paper ballots (95% of all ballots cast), more audits, and more judicial scrutiny both pre- and post-election, than ever before.

We are inspired by these defenders of democracy, and we want to share some of the moments that made us proud so far in 2021.

Meanwhile, we’re still reviewing today’s Supreme Court decision about the Voting Rights Act, but here are David Becker’s initial thoughts.


“We have to acknowledge that… this potential integrity problem is very, very low,” said Becker.

See Executive Director David Becker interviewed on CBS News “Republicans Push for Voter Restrictions.”

David Becker was interviewed on CSPAN about the Justice Department’s lawsuit against the state of Georgia over its new voting law, as well as legislative efforts on both the federal and state levels to reform voting laws.

“But David Becker, an expert on election administration who directs the Center for Election Innovation and Research in Washington, said the legislation ultimately would make voting less secure by encouraging voters who would normally vote by mail or in person during early voting periods to vote on Election Day.”

“Texas lawmakers advance a bill that would make voting more difficult, drawing comparisons to Georgia,” The New York Times

Setting the record straight after the attack on the U.S. Capitol

David Becker spoke to CBS’s Major Garrett about why accepting the outcome is essential to a functioning democracy. 

Releasing new data, “How Easy is it to Vote Early in Your State?”

We compiled current data from all 50 states and DC, indicating whether the state offered mail voting and in-person early voting available to all voters.

Gauging the confidence of Georgia voters

Despite unprecedented and false attacks on the election process, our polling showed only a modest drop in voter confidence during the 2020 election and the subsequent runoff.